Tell Senators to Override Governor’s Veto of Rental Assistance Bill

Last night, the Governor vetoed LB1073, which would require that the state apply for the second round of Emergency Rental Assistance, jeopardizing the $120 million available to Nebraska for critical rental and utility assistance. 

Senator Justin Wayne has filed a motion to override this veto, and we anticipate a vote tomorrow, March 31st. We need you to contact your State Senator immediately and ask for their vote to override this veto.

Find your State Senator here.

YOU are the expert on the need in your community, and Senators need to hear from you. Share your story of what it’s been like to try and meet the need for rental and utility assistance. Tell them the need still exists, because we know that it does. If you have any data, pass that along. Your story matters. The voice of the people you serve matters.

The Governor’s veto letter is linked below. Also below is the most updated distribution of our existing Emergency Rental Assistance funds by county and legislative district along with an ERA factsheet.

Here’s what the Governor and opponents have said:

  • There is no need for these funds because the crisis is over.
  • Accepting these funds will create a welfare state, and Nebraskans need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps
  • The process of applying for these funds is working just fine, and is not difficult
  • People don’t need help because landlords are lowering their rents

Just a brief reminder of what these funds can do and how they work:

  • Go directly to landlords to cover their costs and maintain affordable housing in Nebraska communities
  • Ensure that Nebraska families can keep a roof over their heads and their utilities on
  • Reduce the financial burden on community organizations working to meet the need for rental and utility assistance in their communities
  • 10% of these funds can be used for other housing stabilization services including assistance to nonprofits providing housing assistance, legal services for eviction prevention, and other uses related to housing stability.
  • 15% of these funds are used to cover administrative costs, meaning this costs the state nothing to accept and distribute

We can override this veto, but it’s going to take all of us acting quickly to contact our state senators. Even if you know your State Senator is supportive, sharing your story and your support gives them the energy and material they need to fight this veto during debate. 

If you have questions on how you can help, contact Courtney at