CSN staff and members on Take a Nonprofit to Lincoln 2019


The Coalition for a Strong Nebraska (CSN)  is a non-partisan coalition of over 100 nonprofit and service provider organizations that are committed to common-sense public policy solutions that create opportunities for a great start, good life, and better future for all Nebraskans. We help strengthen nonprofit organizations with the skills, tools and resources to effectively partner with policy makers.

Coalition members focus on poverty alleviation, including fair employment, educational opportunities, and access to public benefits, including supports for work, housing, and food.

The Coalition typically does not lobby but provides the training and support for member organizations, ensuring that they and their clients are able to leverage their collective voice to impact local and state public policy.


The Coalition supports nonprofits and their engagement in policy work. Every organization is at a unique place in their advocacy work; we work with nonprofit staff to help them move up a “ladder of engagement” based on where they are currently. The common steps nonprofits take to move up the ladder of engagement include:

    • Interest: Join the Coalition, involve staff and board in Coalition activities, take a tour of the state capitol or city/county administrative building, attend a hearing
    • Information: Hold trainings for your organization or community on the public policy process and/or rules on nonprofit lobbying, file the 501h, set up an expense tracking system
    • Skill Development: Host trainings for staff, volunteers, community members and clients on public speaking and advocacy writing; shadow policy advocates
    • Experience: Provide testimony, write letters of support/opposition, host a lobby day
    • Expertise: Lead on public advocacy efforts, work with Coalition members to plan joint advocacy efforts

The Coalition also focuses on providing educational opportunities to your community and/or clients about the need for policies that create equal opportunities in Nebraska (ex. holding a community conversation or incorporating education into your civic engagement or other outreach.)

Policy ladder of engagement

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The Coalition provides regular opportunities for nonprofits to collaborate to achieve better results on behalf of low-income families. We invite you to join us. Membership is free.

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