Join the Coalition

The Coalition for a Strong Nebraska (CSN) is a non-partisan coalition of over 100 nonprofit and service provider organizations that are committed to common-sense public policy solutions that create opportunities for a great start, good life, and better future for all Nebraskans. We help strengthen nonprofit organizations with the skills, tools and resources to effectively partner with policy makers.

Coalition members focus on poverty alleviation, including fair employment, educational opportunities, and access to public benefits, including supports for work, housing, and food.

Why Join the Coalition?

The unique value of the Coalition is that it provides a regular opportunity for advocates to:

  • Collaborate to achieve better results on behalf of low-income families;
  • Strategically and proactively plan as to what issues are most important to pursue and what are the best strategies to support these efforts;
  • Allow each organization to do what they do best but keep all advocates on the same page and moving in the same direction;
  • Share information relevant to broadly shared goals of poverty alleviation;
  • Form a united front against efforts that would harm low-income families;
  • Create an unified message for effective communications; and,
  • Have a single point of regular contact through which to deliver and receive information to several groups interested in poverty issues.

Member Benefits

  • Attend meetings and retreats to help shape an anti-poverty policy agenda with other advocates;
  • Attend special events with policy advocates and policy makers;
  • Access leading trainers for your staff and/or board on nonprofit lobbying rules and Nebraska’s public policy process, players, and content;
  • Send staff, volunteers, and board members to special training opportunities;
  • Increase opportunities for individuals you serve to develop and contribute their own voices;
  • Participate on weekly legislative update calls and receive written legislative updates;
  • Participate in sign-on activities for educational materials and policy advocacy activities;
  • Participate in policy meetings with other organizations in the coalition; and,
  • Timely notices to attend and/or testify alongside other coalition members at legislative hearings.

For any questions or additional information please contact us.