“Be curious about lobbying rather than being reserved. There’s still a lot of fear about lobbying. It’s important to know the rules, but you can do this work too.”

Sergio Sosa, Executive Director, Heartland Workers Center

“Learning from each other and teaching others. Sharing information and sharing resources. That’s what really attracted us to join the Coalition. It’s very valuable, and it doesn’t happen enough across our sector.”

Sanjuanita Jaimes, Senior Operations Manager, Immigrant Legal Center

“There are so many thrilling wins that can encourage organizations to engage in the legislative process and show the real tangible benefits of this type of work. It makes people’s lives better.”

Danielle Conrad, Executive Director, ACLU of Nebraska

“CSN brings together direct service and advocacy organizations ensuring policy ideas are rooted in community experience and policy makers are hearing from people who will be directly impacted by the policies they are considering.”

Becky Gould, Executive Director, Nebraska Appleseed

“A lot of the work is really about building relationships, both with policymakers and with the kind of other people that care about the same things that you do.”

Aubrey Mancuso, Executive Director, Voices for Children