Meet the CSN Team

Laurie Ponce Lage

Laurie Ponce Lage is the Director of the Coalition for a Strong Nebraska (CSN). Laurie served as a legal counsel in the Nebraska Legislature for three committees and nine committee chairpersons and brings a wealth of legislative knowledge to the coalition.

Born and raised in North Platte, Nebraska, Laurie attended the University of Nebraska for both her undergraduate and law degrees. She worked as a legislative page during her undergraduate years, and as a clerk during law school. Upon graduation, she began working for the Legislature. She has established relationships with legislators and other public officials, state administrators, private industry and interest groups.  As a lawyer responsible for advising the Legislature on policy and legal aspects of legislation, Laurie is able to accurately communicate those aspects, explain the relevant law, and recommend a course of action.  She has proven success in mediating and negotiating solutions to complex changes in the law.  Email Laurie –