One of the strengths of the Coalition for a Strong Nebraska (CSN) is the resources offered to its nonprofit members and individuals interested in learning about or advancing their public policy advocacy. We offer a curated list of resources – from our animated video, How a Bill Becomes a Law in Nebraska and video trainings on lobbying and tracking activities to industry best practices and guidance for a variety of civic engagement and advocacy activities. As always, let us know if you have questions.

How a Bill Becomes a Law in Nebraska

Watch this quick animated video to learn how a bill becomes a law in Nebraska.

It’s a simple process that often starts with an idea from an everyday Nebraska and a trusted partnership with a local nonprofit. With the only Unicameral in the U.S., everyone can have a voice in how new laws are made in our state. Watch the video and share it with others.

We also have the video available in Spanish. Click here to watch and share the video.

Lobbying Rules for 501c3 Organizations

Lobbying Rules for 501(c)3 Organizations

Yes, nonprofits can lobby. We’ve got details on how to what activities count as lobbying; how to calculate your organization’s lobbying limit; and the simple form to elect the 501(h) (which tells the IRS you want to calculate lobbying hours and expenses).

Keeping Track of Lobbying for Nonprofits

Keeping Track of Lobbying for Nonprofits

We have a handbook on lobbying and sample timesheets you can download to help you easiley track lobbying time and expenses..

Worry-free Lobbying for Nonprofits

How to Lobby: New Training Provides Helpful Tips for Beginners and Veterans

Whether you’ve been around the Capitol many times or never met with a senator, learn more about how organizations can be involved in advocacy and lobbying.

Nebraska Lobbying Policies

Nebraska Lobbying Policies

Nebraska has different guidelines for lobbying. Don’t worry, we’ve got what you need, including, a common acronyms list, a chart to explain the differences between federal and grassroots lobbying, and a quick link to the specific section of Nebraska’s lobbying rules.

Nebraska Lobbying Policies

Resources on Redistricting

Learn about the process, what it means for Nebraskans’ representation and how you can be involved. Nonprofits have an important role to play in this process.

How to Lobby

How to Lobby Booklet

A step-by-step guide for nonprofit and community members to participate in direct lobbying activities. Learn how to do committee testimony, face-to-face lobbying, and effective phone and emails to state senators.

Stand for Your Mission

Stand for Your Mission

Resources for nonprofit board members to advocate for an organization’s mission.

Being Heard - Voices from Marginalized Communities

“Being Heard: Voices from Marginalized Communities”

TOPOS Partnership, which works to explore and ultimately change the landscape of public understanding about government and public policy, has completed a new project, “Being Heard: Voices from Marginalized Communities”. The TOPOS team spent the last year listening to the voices of disenfranchised groups in conversations that included the intersection of race, gender, class and sexual orientation. This research can help CSN members better understand and engage individuals who often feel neglected by lawmakers and the media. Here are links to the report, toolkit and video. A Nebraska-specific video also is available: Creating Engaging Conversations About Government:Nebraska.