Capitol Fly on the Wall

The Final Stretch: Long Days, Late Nights

Lawmakers began the week with debate on Sen. Hunt’s motion to override Governor Pillen’s veto of her priority bill (LB 307), which the body passed on Final Reading with 30 votes less than a couple of weeks prior. The bill would have permitted governing bodies of Nebraska cities and counties

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Session Phase 2: Priorities Set, Committees Wrap Up

We’re in the final stretch of morning debate/afternoon hearing days, as you might have noticed some committees already began wrapping up their hearings early last week. Hearings will officially conclude this week, which is a short one; both Monday and Friday are recess days, so only Tuesday-Thursday committees will meet.

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Governor’s 180 on Summer EBT Surprising, But Welcome

As is often the nature of the beast in reporting news from the Unicameral, things changed rapidly from the time of writing my last post on Sunday to Monday’s surprise announcement from Governor Pillen declaring he had changed his mind and would be opting Nebraska into the Summer EBT program

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