Bills Amended into Other Bills and Christmas Trees

The following lists which bills were amended to other bills or added to “Christmas tree” bills. We wanted to share this list with you so you’re aware of how some bills moved through the Legislature to get to passage.

LB 62 (M. Cavanaugh) Funding for interpretation and translation services under Medicaid

  • LB 871 (M. Cavanaugh) TANF report
  • LB 1237 (M. Cavanaugh) Medicaid unwinding report

LB 126 (Day) Homestead exemption changes

  • LB 1019 (Holdcroft) Assessment and tax roll corrections
  • LB 1151 (Dover) Homestead exemption term

LB 164 (McKinney) Code updates

  • LB 1416 (Bostar) Child Care Capacity Building and Workforce Act

LB 840 (McKinney) Poverty Elimination Action Plan Act

  • LB 881 (Ballard) Redefine a term under the Middle Income Workforce Housing Investment Act
  • LB 1046 (J. Cavanaugh) Provide for appointment of counsel for terminating hearings and eviction proceedings under the Nebraska Housing Agency Act
  • LB 530 (McKinney) Nebraska Housing Agency Act changes
  • LB 843 (McKinney) Change provisions of the Middle Income Workforce Housing Investment Act

LB 937 (Bostar) Caregiver Tax Credit Act

  • LB 58 (J. Cavanaugh) Provide a sales and use tax exemption for diapers
  • LB 606 (Albrecht) Nebraska Pregnancy Help Act, amended to include a cap
  • LB 901 (Linehan) Provide a sales and use tax exemption for purchases by certain nonprofit organizations
  • LB 1002 (Brandt) Nebraska Biodiesel Tax Credit Act changes, amended to limit the credit to certain increases
  • LB 1022 (Sanders) Adopt the Cast and Crew Nebraska Act, amended to include a cap
  • LB 1025 (Bostar) Adopt the Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Support Act
  • LB 1040 (Fredrickson) Income tax credits for food donations
  • LB 1047 (Brandt) Change motor fuel tax provisions
  • LB 1072 (Dungan) Tax credit for sustainable aviation fuel, amended to make the credit nonrefundable
  • LB 1084 (Ibach) Adopt the Nebraska Shortline Rail Modernization Act, amended to add a cap and limit eligibility and requirements
  • LB 1158 (Bostar) Medical Debt Relief Act
  • LB 1184 (Bostar) Adopt the Reverse Osmosis System Tax Credit Act, amended by to include uranium

LB 1195 (Conrad) Make changes to the Legal Education for Public Service and Rural Practice Loan Repayment Assistant Act

  • LB 1265 (Conrad) Grant changes for providers of free civil legal services
  • LB 1220 (Bosn) Proposes amendments to property law
  • LB 1268 (Conrad) Increase the value of exempt homesteads from $60,000 to $120,000 and provide that the exemption only applies to natural persons living in the state
  • LB 902 (DeBoer) Prohibit assisted-living facilities from requiring a third-party guarantee of payment
  • LB 832 (Blood) Authorize acceptance of cession or retrocession of federal jurisdiction for juvenile matters and provide for concurrent jurisdiction

LB 1284 (Walz) $1 million for Computer Science and Technology Education Fund, but allow more funds for matching private donations

  • Originally, LB 1284 included nine other bills with a cost of $1.25 million this fiscal year, $17.3 million and $11.3 million in the next two fiscal years. Amendments adopted reducing the General Fund impact to less than $150,000 in the next fiscal year and $80,000 in the year after
  • All other programs in LB 1284 would be funded through the Education Future Fund created last year ($4 million) or cash funds ($2.4 million)
  • LB 964 (Dungan) Eligibility for Nebraska Career Scholarships extended, but no forgivable loans
  • LB 985 (Linehan) Change provisions relating to grant eligibility under the Nebraska Teacher Recruitment and Retention Act
  • LB 986 (Linehan) Terminate loan repayment assistance and provide grants to teachers under the Teach in Nebraska Today Act
  • LB 1005 (Walz) Change provisions relating to the Attracting Excellence in Teaching Program and the Excellence in Teaching Cash Fund under the Excellence in Teaching Act
  • LB 1014 (Walz) Change requirements relating to school psychologists
  • LB 1050 (Conrad) State Department of Education is required to supply each school district with menstrual products and dispensers using a formula based on factors such as the number of bathrooms, students of menstruating age, and average daily product usage. Each school district must have dispensers with free menstrual products in all school bathrooms and submit annual requests for product quantities
  • LB 1238 (Walz) Adopt the Special Educators of Tomorrow Act
  • LB 1254 (Linehan) Provide for a professional learning system and regional coaches for teaching students to read – $2 million for reading improvement mentorship programs and reading teacher training
  • LB 1253 (Linehan) $1 million to $500,000 for Dyslexia Research Grant Program

LB 1200 (Moser) Change provisions relating to motor vehicles, roads, excise taxes, and federal law and regulations

  • LB 929 (Fredrickson) Requires coordination between 911 and the 988 Suicide and Crisis Hotline.

LB 1215 (Hansen) Dietitian Licensure Compact and the Physician Assistant (PA) Licensure Compact

  • LB 823 (Blood) Adopts the Physician Assistant Licensure Compact
  • LB 896 (Ballard) Repeals a requirement for a signed statement within 10 days when a telehealth patient gives verbal consent during an initial consultation
  • LB 1009 (Riepe) Allows a person who has failed the state barber examination a third time to take the test again
  • LB 1106 (Day) Requires Medicaid to cover a minimum of 10 lactation consultations for mothers and children covered under Medicaid and increases lactation consultant provider rates by 145%
  • LB 1107 (Day) Requires DHHS to provide Medicaid coverage for electric breast pumps for qualified pregnant women, beginning no later than Jan. 1, 2025
  • LB 1138 (Riepe) Allows a prescriber who issues fewer than 50 prescriptions a year to not use electronic prescription technology
  • LB 1171 (Hardin) Adds an exception to pharmacy verification requirements for pharmacies with multiple locations that share a common electronic database
  • LB 1173 (Riepe) Changes requirements related to vital statistics
  • LB 1181 (Ballard) Changes the Pharmacy Practice Act, Uniform Controlled Substances Act and Public Health and Welfare statutes relating to medications
  • LB 1373 (Blood) Creates the Dietitian Licensure Compact, which will take effect when seven states pass enacting legislation, and adds dietitians to the list of health professions in Nebraska that require a background check

LB 1300 (Bostar) Adopt the Pacific Conflict Stress Test Act

  • LB 2 (Sanders) Create the Commission on Asian American Affairs
  • LB 869 (Bostar) Change provisions relating to services of the county veterans service committees
  • LB 887 (Brewer) Adopt the Nebraska Nonprofit Security Grant Program Act
  • LB 1048 (Bostar) Require certain chemical facilities to comply with a federal chemical security program
  • LB 1243 (McDonnell) Adopt the Wildland Fire Response Act
  • LB 1358 (McDonnell) Require approval of the registered voters to increase salaries of governing bodies of political subdivisions as prescribed

LB 1317 (Linehan) Provides legislative findings for reduction of property tax and a vehicle to provide property tax relief

  • LB 863 (Linehan) an individual no longer could deduct amounts received as annuities under the Federal Employees Retirement System for state income tax purposes
  • LB 1043 (McKinney) would require certain nonprofit organizations that own or acquire underutilized tax-exempt property in a high-poverty area to develop the property within three years. Also has reporting requirements, penalties for nonaction, and prohibits a nonprofit organization from selling the property at a price that is more than 50% above market value
  • LB 1067 (Clements) Reporting requirements for inheritance tax provisions
  • LB 1093 (Bostar) updates the First Responder Recruitment and Retention Act, which provides tuition assistance to qualifying first responders. Also prohibits an employer from canceling a first responder’s individual or family health insurance policy if the first responder suffers serious bodily injury from an event that occurs while the first responder is acting in the line of duty
  • LB 1134 (von Gillern) Interest on refunds and additional taxes due because of a property valuation decision by the Tax Equalization and Review Commission will begin to accrue 30 days after the decision
  • LB 1217 (Bostar) Update requirements for owners of rent-restricted housing projects and change how county assessors calculate valuation for those projects that have zero or negative valuations on certain rent-restricted housing projects. Allows the owner of a sales-restricted house to apply to the county assessor for a special valuation on a house’s value at its unrestricted appraised value and its maximum allowed sale price and then use the lesser of the two values to determine its valuation. Further allows certain nursing and assisted-living facilities to receive a property tax exemption based on the percentage of occupied beds provided to Medicaid beneficiaries, and apply a property tax exemption to the commons area of a building that is owned by a charitable organization and used for student housing
  • LB 1218 (Bostar) Would impose an excise tax of 3 cents per kilowatt hour on the electricity used to charge electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles at a commercial electric vehicle charging station, beginning Jan. 1, 2028. Also increases the additional fees and a right of first refusal
  • LB 1295 (von Gillern) Creates the Financial Institution Data Match Act to require the state Department of Revenue to operate a data match system with each financial institution doing business in Nebraska
  • LB 1305 (Hansen) Prohibit tax liability on the purchase, sale, or exchange of gold or silver bullion, change sales tax exemption provisions relating to currency and bullion, and provide an income tax adjustment for net capital losses and gains on the sale or exchange of gold or silver
  • LB 1374 (Linehan) Good Life Districts, allows voters in a city to approve an economic development program for an area of the city included in a good life district and appropriate local sources of revenue to pay for certain development costs, including the construction of public and privately owned real estate – local voters would decide whether extra sales taxes or occupation taxes would be charged in a Good Life District to help pay for development and financing costs
  • LB 1389 (Bostar) Exempts broadband equipment from personal property tax if it is deployed in an area using federal Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment Program funds or in a qualified census tract located in a metropolitan class city and used to provide internet access at certain speeds
  • LB 1397 (Murman) Excludes land used for commercial purposes that are not agricultural or horticultural — such as land used for a solar farm or wind farm — from the definition of agricultural and horticultural land for valuation purposes
  • LB 1184 (Bostar) Intent to appropriate $1 million in general funds for fiscal year 2024-25 to the state Department of Environment and Energy to fund the installation of real-time nitrate sensors in monitoring wells
  • LB 893 (Ibach) Equipment involved in the manufacturing or processing of liquid fertilizer or any other chemical applied to crops — or the manufacturing of any liquid additive for a farm vehicle fuel — would qualify for a property tax exemption under the ImagiNE Nebraska Act
  • LB ? (Linehan) Amendment adopted 33-0, to create a collection system to intercept an individual’s gambling winnings to pay off any child support debts or unpaid taxes

LB 1329 (Murman) Modify specific sections of the Nebraska Career Scholarship Act

  • LB 231 (Dungan) Change provisions related to student attendance and require plans for excessive absences
  • LB 550 (Ballard) Change provisions relating to the enrollment option program
  • LB 673 (B. Hansen) Provide grants to schools that adopt a policy to provide emergency response mapping data to law enforcement agencies and provide powers and duties for the State Department of Education and State Board of Education
  • LB 855 (Conrad) Prohibit school districts from taking certain actions relating to outstanding debts on a school lunch or breakfast account
  • LB 856 (Fredrickson) Change eligibility requirements for the federal child care subsidy program
  • LB 962 (Wayne) Prohibit the use of certain projection maps in public schools and require each school board to adopt a policy relating to projection maps
  • LB 1012 (Walz) Change provisions relating to certain tax levy and bonding authority of school districts
  • LB 1328 (Murman) Change provisions relating to the classification of school districts
  • LB 1331 (Murman) Change provisions of the Nebraska Property Tax Incentive Act and the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act, summer food service program changes
  • LB 1339 (Brewer) Change provisions relating to possession of firearms in schools and authorize schools to provide emergency response mapping data to public safety agencies
  • LB 1377 (Walz) Change requirements relating to training for certain school employees
  • LB 1385 (Kauth) Change provisions relating to the issuance of and eligibility for certificates and permits issued by the State Department of Education

LB 1412 (Arch) Mainline budget bill

  • LB 850 (Jacobson) Clarify that $10 million in ARPA funds appropriated to the state Department of Economic Development for the Rural Workforce Housing Act may be used for other specific types of housing projects administered by the department
  • LB 930 (Fredrickson) Allow an existing $400,000 annual General Fund appropriation to the University of Nebraska to be used for youth rehabilitation and treatment centers and county correctional facility programs for students studying to become behavioral health professionals
  • LB 941 (Dorn) Appropriate $1.5 million in federal ARPA funds in FY2023-24 to increase to $67 the daily reimbursement rate for Medicaid assisted-living facilities in rural parts of the state
  • LB 1077 (McDonnell) Appropriate $900,000 in federal ARPA funds in FY2023-24 to the state Department of Labor for workforce development and career readiness grants
  • LB 1099 (McDonnell) Change the use of appropriated Federal Funds for nursing scholarships
  • LB 1124 (Vargas) Appropriates $900,000 to the Department of Health and Human Services for evidence-based early intervention home visiting
  • LB 1125 (Wishart) Appropriates $500,000 from the Medicaid Managed Care Excess Profit Fund to the Department of Health and Human Services for evidenced based early intervention nurse home visitation programs
  • LB 1209 (Bosn) Appropriate $2 million in ARPA funds in FY2023-24 to the state Department of Health and Human Services for a grant to a licensed and accredited residential child-caring agency in a primary class city
  • LB 1210 (Clements) Appropriate $1.5 million from the Cash Reserve Fund to the Nebraska Capital Construction Fund for the 5th floor Capitol renovation
  • LB 1242 (McDonnell) State intent to appropriate funds to the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska
  • LB 1289 (Bostar) Appropriate $3 million in general funds in FY2024-25 for a grant to a municipal airport located in a primary class city
  • LB 1378 (Dover) State legislative intent to appropriate funds to the Department of Administrative Services as prescribed and change provisions relating to certain funds