Job Posting – CSN Director

The Director is responsible for developing, overseeing, and implementing the vision of CSN. Through effective training, mentorship, and collaboration with members, the Director is responsible for increasing the number of nonprofits that actively participate in the public policy process.  The Director will be responsible for developing a coordinated program plan, innovating and evaluating best practices, overseeing the provision of resources and technical assistance for member organizations, engaging new partners and members to participate, managing staff and contractors, and being the liaison to coalition funders. Click here for the full CSN Director job description and details on how to apply.

Recap of 2019 Legislative Session

CSN members focus on ten public policy topics, including, budget/revenue/taxes, civic engagement, criminal justice reform, education, economic security, food security, health care, housing, immigration and trauma justice. Read about our members setbacks and successes in this recap of the 2019 legislative session.

How A Bill Becomes a Law in Nebraska

Watch this animated video to see our state's unique government system. Available in English and Spanish, it shows how an everyday Nebraskan takes an idea to a nonprofit partner – who guides the person through the legislative process. With the only Unicameral in the U.S., Nebraskans can easily have a voice in what becomes law.

Nonprofits Can Lobby

Nonprofits are often surprised to learn they can lobby. In this short video, you'll learn the difference between the two forms of nonprofit lobbying and how to choose what's best for your organization.

Every Nonprofit Has a Voice

Your nonprofit's voice, expertise and insight is a powerful asset to inform policy. All too often, however, nonprofits believe they cannot lobby or engage in policy.

The Coalition for a Strong Nebraska helps empower nonprofit organizations with the skills, tools and resources to effectively engage in policy work. We work with experts and policy makers to foster conversations to help nonprofits find their voice to engage in advocacy and lobbying.


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Black and Brown Legislative Day 2018

About Us

The Coalition for a Strong Nebraska (CSN) is a non-partisan coalition of over 100 nonprofit and service provider organizations that are committed to common-sense public policy solutions that create opportunities for a great start, good life, and better future for all Nebraskans. We help strengthen nonprofit organizations with the skills, tools and resources to effectively partner with policy makers.

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The Coalition provides a regular opportunity for nonprofits to collaborate to achieve better results on behalf of low-income families, strategically and proactively plan as to what issues are most important to pursue through policy advocacy to support these efforts, and much more.

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Poverty in Nebraska

According to the Spotlight on Poverty report, 29% of jobs in Nebraska are low-wage jobs and 13.8% of Nebraskans are food insecure. By engaging in policy reform, nonprofits can leverage their voice to help reduce poverty in Nebraska. View the poverty dashboard to see how Nebraska ranks.

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The Coalition provides regular opportunities for nonprofits to collaborate to achieve better results on behalf of low-income families. We invite you to join us. Membership is free.

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