Interim studies we’re tracking

While this week marks the last day of this year’s 60-day legislative session, senators still conduct some legislative work between now and next January when the next session begins. This includes working on interim studies, resolutions introduced by senators and committees in order to examine public policy issues in-depth during the interim. 

Senators have introduced 87 total interim study resolutions, including the following that we’ll be tracking:

  • LR266 (Day): Interim study to examine Nebraska’s processes relating to investigation of reports of child abuse or neglect in licensed child care facilities

  • LR327 (Vargas): Interim study to examine issues relating to severe maternal morbidity

  • LR354 (McDonnell): Interim study to examine the educational experiences and outcomes of youth in foster care

  • LR360 (Day): Interim study to examine eligibility, enrollment, application, renewal, and redetermination practices for the medical assistance program and the Children’s Health Insurance Program under the Department of Health and Human Services

  • LR366 (Wishart): Interim study to examine at least three of the current certified community behavioral health clinics established through the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s demonstration program

  • LR367 (DeBoer): Interim study to examine home visitation for families in Nebraska

  • LR368 (M. Cavanaugh): Interim study to identify deficiencies and inefficiencies in Nebraska public policy surrounding disability-related service provision

  • LR378 (Day): Interim study to examine the process for determining the rate of reimbursement for the child care subsidy program

  • LR390 (Murman): Interim study to review the current medicaid reimbursement model and processes for Nebraska’s critical access hospitals

  • LR393 (J. Cavanaugh): Interim study to examine the committee hearing procedures of the Legislature

  • LR397 (McDonnell): Interim study to examine the needs, workforce, and funding streams for mental health care across Nebraska

  • LR404 (McKinney): Interim study to examine the racial and ethnic disproportionality within Nebraska’s child welfare system

  • LR407 (Arch): Interim study to examine how Nebraska is utilizing Temporary Assistance for Needy Families funds

  • LR415 (Jacobson): Interim study to examine the lack of access to quality and affordable health insurance for Nebraska’s early childhood workforce and potential solutions

  • LR417 (B. Hansen): Interim study to review the current medicaid reimbursement rates and processes for difficult to place patients in Nebraska’s acute care hospitals

  • LR422 (Wayne): Interim study to examine issues related to the Middle Income Workforce Housing Investment Act

  • LR424 (J. Cavanaugh): Interim study to research the topic of home equity theft

  • LR438 (Health and Human Services Committee): Interim study to identify policy changes for improving communication and sharing of case-specific information among state and local government agencies responsible for care, custody, treatment, and rehabilitation of youth

Committee chairs often coordinate public hearings for interim studies and testifying at these are a great way to stay engaged over the interim. Stay tuned for alerts on opportunities to take part in future hearings!