Executive Appointments

Extended debate in the legislature today on a gubernatorial appointment to the Nebraska State Board of Health. The debate focused on the lack of diversity on the state’s boards and commissions. Nebraska’s nonprofit organizations and service providers can help ensure a wider reach of eligible Nebraskans by forwarding information about board and commission openings to their networks. Here’s how to apply:

Application for Executive Appointment

If you are interested in being considered for an appointment to a Board/Commission, please complete the application by one of three methods:

1. Complete the online form below.

2. Electronically complete this pdf fillable form Executive Appointment and submit it by mail, email or fax to the address found at the bottom of the pdf.

3. Print this form Executive Appointment to manually complete and return by mail, fax or email to the address found at the bottom of the pdf.

  • Do not press the enter key until you are ready to submit the form. Press the tab key on your keyboard to go to the next field.
  • Please note that completed applications and additional application material that you provide may be subject to public information requests.

Click here for a list of Boards and Commission Vacancies

Click here for a list of Jan-June 2021 Opportunities