Appropriations Committee to hold public hearing on Gov. Ricketts’s ARPA recommendations

Sen. Stinner, chairman of the Appropriations Committee, has outlined procedures for the public hearing for LB1014, the governor’s recommendations for spending funding the state receives from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). 

The hearing will take place on Tuesday, January 25th at 1:30 pm in Room 1524 at the State Capitol. First, the governor’s budget director will present the recommendations. That will be followed by testifiers in support or opposition for each line item in the recommendations. 

Of note: At the end of each category of items, there will be an opportunity to testify on any new proposals related to that category. He also clarified that testifiers will receive three minutes to speak and should bring full testimony in writing. His full comments on hearing procedures are below, along with the governor’s recommendations.

If you cannot testify in person, you can submit written comments in the Legislature’s online portal. To be considered part of the legislative record, you must have your comments submitted by noon on Monday, January 24th.

If you have questions or want help on how to get involved, contact Laurie at