Priority Threats

Since senator and committee priority bills have been announced, let’s look at a few of the bills our member organizations have been working against.

LB337 (Smith) – In what many CSN members think is our largest threat to programs that support the poor, in terms of budget and taxes, Senator Lindstrom prioritized the Governor’s income tax proposal, aimed at giving substantial tax cuts to the wealthiest Nebraskans. In a time of drastic cuts to curb our budget deficit, this bill seeks to take even more funds away from priorities, when the state isn’t even meeting its current obligations, like funding our corrections system. Advocates are preparing to put all hands on deck to fight this one.

LR1CA (Murante) – Senator Murante prioritized this constitutional amendment, which would allow voters to decide if they want to require voters to submit photo identification when voting. Learn why this is a bad idea from Nebraskans for Civic Reform.

LR6 (Ebke) – Senator Halloran prioritized this constitutional amendment, which would open up the avenue for a constitutional convention of states, aimed at cutting government and limiting spending. Read this analysis from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities to learn why this a bad idea and how it would open up the doors to all kinds of constitutional changes.

LB661 (Kuehn) – Senator Kuehn prioritized this bill, which would amend current public records law to allow the Governor to withhold information from the public about the acquisition of lethal injection drugs.

LB651 (Linehan) – Senator Linehan prioritized this bill, which many believe is well-intentioned but counterproductive. It would make students repeat the third grade if they don’t meet reading proficiency standards. Evidence suggests holding a student back has scarring effects on children. While this bill hasn’t made it out of committee, the Capitol rumor mill has it that Senator Linehan may try to pull the bill out onto the floor.

LB335 (Riepe) – The Health and Human Services Committee prioritized this bill, which would freeze child care subsidy rates, short changing our most vulnerable. Nebraska Appleseed is preparing for battle on this.

As the legislature moves from hearings to floor debate, read up on the opportunities for the work of CSN members.