2021 Priority Bills

Senators and legislative committees selected their priority bills for the legislative session. You can see the priority bill list here. Remember, each senator has one priority bill, while each committee has two. Speaker Hilgers selected 25 bills. These lists will determine which bills get “time on the floor” for debate and shape the rest of the legislative session. Here are several bills CSN members have worked on, which have received priority designations:

  • LB 108 (McCollister) – SNAP Cliff Effect
  • LB 241 (Vargas) – Adopt Meatpacking Employees COVID-19 Protections Act
  • LB 258 (Vargas) – Paid Sick and Safe Leave (Hansen, M. Priority)
  • LB 260 (Hunt) – Good Cause Employment Bill
  • LB 298 (McDonnell) – DACA Unemployment Insurance
  • LB 306 (Brandt) – Low-income Home Energy Assistance Bill
  • LB 320 (Cavanaugh, J.) – Housing Bills Package
  • LB 451 (McKinney) – Prohibit Hair Discrimination Bill
  • LB 485 (DeBoer) – Childcare Subsidy Bill