Guidelines for Countable Lobbying Activities

This memo is a cheat sheet of sorts on what activities might count as lobbying (.doc).

When Does Your Activity Become Lobbying?

What your nonprofit needs to know about lobbying (PDF).

Praising and Criticizing Incumbents

How 501(c)3s Can Hold Elected Officials Accountable for Official Actions (PDF).

Commenting on Candidates and Campaigns

How 501(c)(3)s Can Respond During an Election Year on Judicial Nominations and Remain Nonpartisan (PDF).

Electoral Advocacy Article

Expanding your influence, effectiveness, and power in the advocacy arena through electoral organizing (PDF).

Transition Team Advocacy

The period between election and inauguration days is an important window of time when organizations can build relationships and work to have their concerns made a priority of the new administration. Learn more (PDF).

Keeping Track Handbook

A guide to recordkeeping for advocacy charities (PDF).

Lobbying Recording Sheet

Keep track of your organization's lobbying activities with this sheet (PDF).

Lobbying Monthly Report Form

This form will help your organization keep track of monthly lobbying activities (PDF).

Sample Employee Timesheet with Lobbying Hours

A sample timesheet to keep track of federal and state lobbying hours (PDF).

Sample Employee Timesheet Template

Excel spreadsheet including calculation of lobbying hours spent by employees (.xlsx).

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